Age Adapt Modern Shower Room

Shower in Style and Safety

Age Adapt have a client-centred approach to planning and design. Our recommendations aim to reflect your taste and style; meeting both your short-term and long-term needs. An Age-in Place shower room needs to be highly functional but also serves as place to relax and restore feelings of tranquility and rejuvenation.

The location of a bathing area at primary floor level is an essential feature of Age-in-Place design and some remodelling may be required to achieve this. If this is not possible then a stair-lift or elevator may be necessary to allow safe access to other floors. Transforming an existing bathroom into an accessible shower room is one of the most popular elements of an age-sensitive refurbishment. These new bathing spaces should be beautiful and Age Adapt take pride in creating rooms that are stylish and modern, without seeming clinical.

Spacious shower rooms allow for manoeuvrability and should incorporate key lighting and non-slip flooring. Accessible showers include seating, strategically placed grab rails, thermostatic controls and adjustable shower heads. Raised toilets, height-sensitive sinks and lever-handled controls make life much easier and still look contemporary and stylish.

Please call 07907 042409 or contact us here to discuss your needs.

Age Adadpt Shower Room 2


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