Age Adapt Home Automation


We are living in the ‘Age of Technology’. Home automation and high-tech products are vital aspects of any Age-in-Place design; enabling people to live longer in their own homes both safely and independently. Monitoring systems and other smartphone-opearated gadgets also give family members important piece of mind.

Home Automation

Home automation is constantly evolving and some products are suitable for incorporation into age-in-place design. Put simply, home automation means the remote or automatic control of devices or events in the home. For example if the doorbell rings, the TV in the living room can switch to a video feed from the front door camera. Systems can also can turn lights on and off, control heating, open the garage door, monitor occupants to ensure they eat or take medications, and even send out alerts to family members if a person does not get out of bed. Notifications from the system can be sent to a tablet, smartphone, iPad, television or other devices.


Activity-based sensors around the home can discretely alert a family member, caregiver or emergency response service  – via phone, email or text message — if an at-risk elderly person is doing, or not doing, something. Sensors can go on doors, windows, cabinets, chairs and under bed sheets. As well as picking up emergency situations, sensors also collect data which can detect changes in activity levels, sleeping and eating patterns, bathroom visit frequency and medication adherence.

Emergency pendants

An emergency pendant, normally worn around the wrist or neck, can be pressed in case of an emergency, such as after a fall, and a call is immediately made to emergency services and/or pre-programmed numbers of family members. Features may vary, with some working outside, offering two-way voice support, or with a “fall detection” feature so loved ones are notified even if an at-risk person isn’t able to press the button.

Medication reminders

A growing number of products are available to remind, dispense, and/or manage medication. Some emit an alarm and flashing light when it is time to take medication and have an auto-lock dispensing door that only allows access to the medication tray at the scheduled dosage time.

Age Adapt can advise, supply and install a range of home automation products and other technology.

Please call 07907 042409 or contact us here to discuss your needs.

Home Automation
Home Automation




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