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The Best Age-Exclusive Home Modifications for Independent Living

An increasing number of people are choosing to 'future-proof' their homes with specialist age-related modifications. Age Adapt are specialists in age-in-place home design, creating safe and comfortable living spaces for independent living. Planning ahead in this way allows our clients to maintain their independence; ensuring they can stay at home for as long as possible.… Continue reading The Best Age-Exclusive Home Modifications for Independent Living

Age Adapt Home Automation


We are living in the 'Age of Technology'. Home automation and high-tech products are vital aspects of any Age-in-Place design; enabling people to live longer in their own homes both safely and independently. Monitoring systems and other smartphone-opearated gadgets also give family members important piece of mind. Home Automation Home automation is constantly evolving and… Continue reading Technology

Age Adapt Modern Shower Room

Shower in Style and Safety

Age Adapt have a client-centred approach to planning and design. Our recommendations aim to reflect your taste and style; meeting both your short-term and long-term needs. An Age-in Place shower room needs to be highly functional but also serves as place to relax and restore feelings of tranquility and rejuvenation. The location of a bathing area… Continue reading Shower in Style and Safety